Update February 2021


There will be a further update shortly but this is the latest

• Entry will open in the next few weeks. You will find the links here but you will be transferred to the club's website.

• It is intended that this event will be the World Championship. It will not become the Europeans.

• The club expects to start its activities in March. The situation is far from perfect, but they remain optimistic.

• It is intended that the event will go ahead based purely on Italy's ability to welcome visitors safely and without quarantine on arrival.

• Quarantine for sailors returning home will not be reason to cancel unless this is so widespread as to make the event unviable.

We realise these are hard choices but the decision has been taken that it is perhaps better for the class to continue to hold World Championships whenever, and if at all possible, whether or not some members are restricted from attending.

Feb 23, 2021
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