There are ample accommodation options within walking distance. Hotels tend to run on a weekly basis, but camping and apartments more flexible. However booking early is essential and some are asking for money up front.

There are at least 4 hotels surrounding the club and two campsites alongside.

A full list can be found here.

The nearest campsite is a community run site, Camping Arco Lido. Less facilities, not possible to book, but apparently there is always space available for that reason.

The Maroadi is private, better facilities, bookable, nice restaurant, and normally full and is the recommended option.

There is a portal on CVO’s website that submits your requirements to all local hotels, apartments and campsites and then you get sent details.

This has been updated  The request will be sent directly to all residences, hotels, campsites, etc. and you will receive a response from each individual facility.

Accommodation can also be found by looking here: